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Wish me luck...

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog :o)

Wish me luck. Seriously. I feel like I'm going to need it. I've been searching for inspiration and direction for far too long now, and I've taken a leap - not like a leap off of Big Ben or anything, but any leap for me feels like a leap off of Big Ben. So wish me luck (please). I've decided to take a course in Sync Licensing. Whaaaat the heck is that? Well, you know the music you hear in ads, films, tv, trailers, etc.? That music had to be licensed by the artist for their use. And most of the time, the music had to be specifically created for those spots, before the spots were even available. Then, that music had to make it to the person looking for it, which is really the harder part. Hopefully, anyway. So, while I'm not a person who sits around and writes all day every day, or is tormented by new ideas constantly swirling around inside my head, I hope this course will pull out what's deep inside of me. I tend to write better when I have a suggestion, a direction, a request, rather than just going off of lightening-strike-type inspiration. I think some people are just constantly inspired, and the rest of us need a little nudge. I need a big nudge. But I follow instructions well, and I have learned through the years to take constructive criticism without getting defensive.

I'm lucky to have wonderful, supportive people around me. My husband, Eric (aka Jackie's Husband, Beagan's Dad, and Grumpy Elf) has been encouraging me for several years to explore ways to get my music into tv and film. So when this course came up, I had to really give it some serious thought. I'm a bit of a commitment-phobe, and easily scared off of big things. But Eric and I have both long felt that things I have written would find happy homes in tv and film. Interestingly, what I've already learned is that it is unlikely that what I've already written will be well-suited for those outlets. The music that usually gets placed is written with specific themes in mind that don't often include love and heartbreak (those are a dime a dozen). So I've got some work to do!! It was a hard decision for me to jump into this course because it will require me to be open, connect with and work with people who are better than I am at this stuff, be receptive to critiques from strangers, and meet people who can actually help me to achieve something that I have wanted for a long time. And be open to success (but that's a whole other post). So please, please, please, wish me luck. Send me some good vibes. Say a prayer. However you send love through the airwaves, I beg of you to send me a little bit. And hopefully, by this time next year I'll be writing another blog post about how much I've learned, what amazing and wonderful people I've met, how amazing it feels to be writing again, and what a difference a year can make.

Love to you ~



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