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Record the Record

Hi! Long time no talk! Thanks for stopping by.

Well, I think we can officially say that we're back at it - Recording the Record. Yep. What exactly are we working on? Well, I'll keep you in suspense a bit longer.

Recording music is such an interesting thing to me. It is completely unlike any other type of performance, though it requires so many of the same elements. Rehearsing in the studio is dumb, expensive and a time-waster (in my opinion, since you're asking), so showing up prepared is a MUST. You've got to put new strings on the guitar. You've GOT to warm up those vocal chords. And, most importantly, you have to show up. And be open. And let your guard down. And be as vulnerable as you can possibly be, or you'll never be able to actually put your heart into the music in a way that makes it...yours. And you can wear yoga pants (possibly my favorite part). You have to show up prepared to give your best performance, focused and well-rehearsed, but be willing to break things down line by line and hack through the messy stuff without getting frustrated or down on yourself. Definitely a bit different than a gig in a winery or a party where you just show up to have a good time!

Being in the studio is probably one of my favorite places to be. Although there is constant noise, some good, some lousy, the experience is wholly meditative to me. There is no way to be thinking about bills, the family, work, anything else, and still put your heart so profoundly into something. So for those few hours on a Tuesday evening, I am completely, and totally focused on the thing I am so excitedly doing - making music. Every time I am in the studio, I learn something. I hit that "more me" button and turn my voice up above the mix and realize, hmm, I was sharp on that note that I always think I hit. So I learn, and I fix it, and I improve. Over the years, I have learned that I am nothing if not consistent. Track after track, I make small tweaks - pitch here, timing there - but at the end, the track is almost exactly the same as the one before, and the one before that. It's almost silly, but it's definitely me. With every song we record, my ears get a little bit better. I notice wrong notes that I wouldn't have noticed the song before. That shaker hit just before the beat - heard that too. It's an experience I'm lucky to have. And I'm extra lucky to have Walt at the helm and by my side.

Love to you



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