• Jackie Kopco

"Legends" Success!

Thanks to the many who joined us on April 19th at the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center!

What a day! My morning started out relaxed and focused, and by 11 a.m. had unraveled into a huge pile of nerves. We all arrived at the PPAC for set up and sound check around noon, and we worked until about 3:00 to get the sound on stage set to our liking, and the house sound perfect. We went over a few of the songs, and by 2:45, I was toast! I went home feeling tired and wondering how I'd make it back to the stage for the evening.

When I got home, I started getting my outfit ready to go, and lo and behold, my very carefully laundered brand new outfit had two marks on it that I swear were not there earlier that morning! Ahhhh! Just what I needed. Well, I fixed the problems - crisis averted! I took a nice rest in front of my daylight lamp to recharge. My hubs and I had a relaxed dinner (prepared by me on Wednesday to ease the load on show day), and just like that, it was time to go back to the PPAC. The show. was. happening. Walt and I rode up together. I was wondering what on earth I was doing there! We had about an hour until curtain, so we re-tuned the guitars, got dressed and then.....showtime! While I was walking out on stage, I was asking myself, "Why am I doing this?!!". My confidence had crashed and the nerves took over. But that big beautiful Steinway was calling me. Soothing me. Sending me all those lovely healing vibes right up through the tips of my fingers like only a piano can. Ahhhh. Yes. This is why I'm doing this. And just like that, the first song was done. And then it was out to see the audience face-to-face, and just like that, the second song was done too. And then the third. And then it was Joni. And then I remembered again why I'm doing this. The night just sailed by in moments of gratitude, disbelief and straight-up love for my friends on the stage with me. And the audience, who was giving the love right back. It was one of the absolute best nights of my life, and I can't wait to do it again. Thanks. So much love to you all.



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