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"Bare" Reviewed

In November 2012, five months after its release, "Bare" was reviewed by PA Musician. Here's what they had to say.

November CD Reviews

November 8, 2012

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November 2012 CD Reviews

WALT & JACKIE – BARE (JL Records) Johnstown’s Walt Churchey and Jackie Kopco have already established themselves as solo artists, both having released several albums of music individually. The two now bring their talents together on their first album as a duo, called Bare. Both singers’ distinctive voices and styles nicely merge over the disc’s ten acoustic-geared tracks; Churchey’s bold voice and cadence combines with Kopco’s soaring, gentle style. The obvious highlight of this album is the magic when these voices come together; continually front and center in the mix, their voices blend and intertwine with each other to drive home the songs’ relatable themes of lives, loves, simple pleasures and ambitions. Each song is well-crafted and distinct in its style and tone, as the pair mixes moods and emotions from tender to excited. The disc’s hopeful opening track, “Steppin’ Stone,” expresses that each journey begins with a single step. On the more energetic side, “Our Way” shares the pair’s happiness with their musical endeavor and the satisfaction of controlling their own path, and “Just Like You” compares the lives of the rich and not so famous. The duo presents thoughtful odes with “Men Are From Mars” and its look at the communication quarks between the two sexes, and “Once You Cross That Line” with its consideration of life’s choices and turning points. Excitement toward warm weather festivities permeates the words and vibe of “Summer Thing,” and the pair shows a tender and more romantic side on “Better Day” and the Christmas-themed “Take Time.” Produced and engineered by Churchey and Kopco, Bare sounds clear and direct, and allows the simplicity of the melodies and arrangements to shine through without needless clutter. The ultimate chemistry between Walt Churchey and Jackie Kopco makes Bare a comforting, joyous listen that further exposes both performers’ vast talents and versatility.


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