At their best, songs can transport us - not just to another time, but to another world of emotions. Described as vocal magic together, established solo artists Jackie Kopco and Walt Churchey are taking audiences on a heartfelt journey with their distinctive renditions of some of the most memorable songs of the past half century in their newly launched “Legends” tour. The show’s lineup is imbued with meaning because it reflects their influences - artists like Carole King, Cyndi Lauper, Neil Diamond, Jim Croce, Billy Joel, Sarah McLachlan, Counting Crows, Sara Bareilles, Elvis and the Beatles - and it marks a new high for a duo whose distinctive blend of individually stunning vocals and guitar have built an enthusiastic and ever-growing following across the region.


In Legends, their thoughtfully chosen cover songs and selections of original compositions highlight both performers’ celebrated talents and versatility - with pacing and variety that keeps audiences entranced from the first song to the last and manages to deliver an experience that is exciting, poignant, and deeply satisfying in one unforgettable show.