GUITARS AROUND is a group local to Johnstown, PA, with a unique format and approximately 20 musicians as revolving members. In 2005, Walt created GUITARS AROUND so that he could play music with his friends without the hassle of forming and maintaining a band. What makes GUITARS AROUND unique and wonderful is the combination of four musicians who may play together regularly (like Walt & Jackie), or may not (like Walt and Denise), getting together and enjoying each other's music while adding their own voice (or guitar or percussion) into the mix. It makes for a night where all of the musicians relax in, sing or play along with one another, and pick from their songbooks the ones that would work best with another voice, bongos or the energy of the rest of the group. It's unlike anything else you'll see in Johnstown. At its inception,the group was a staple at Katie's Place (now Woodside Bar & Grill), and were so well received that they expanded into music venues throughout the Johnstown area. Fun fact, GUITARS AROUND was the catalyst for Walt & Jackie

   The group went on hiatus a few years ago so that Walt & Jackie could focus on their music as a duo. Stay tuned for any new Guitars Around Shows.